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Sale & Distribution

The Middle East and Iranian Films Sales & Distribution

IEFM Distribution is an international sales and distribution company with a particular focus on Middle East and Iran cinema.

We distribute pioneering titles that excite curious minds, inspire imagination, and even change how people see the world.
Our unique catalogue is comprised of award-winning feature films and documentaries from Iran and Middle East. Our sales and distribution arm works hard to distribute these titles across a variety of different platforms; including cinemas, DVD distributors, television broadcasters, video on demand platforms and in-flight entertainment channels.

Video On Demand

VOD & Digital Distribution

IEFM helps filmmakers distribute to worldwide audiences via video on demand retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. We manage all of the technical requirements and focus on marketing your film and building a relationship with your audience. 

Film Production

Film Production and Co-Production

IEFM is a full-service international sales, production and distribution company. 
We are a versatile fixer and production service based in Berlin, Germany. Whatever your needs are we make it happen. If you need thorough research for your documentary,
big name contributors, handling a complex commercial shoot or just some filming permits or crew: That’s what we do.

About IEFM

We like challenges and we are stubborn in reaching our goals to deliver the best production and distribution service available.

From our base in  Berlin we operate all over Europe: from France to Netherland, from Italy to Spain and beyond.

We also provide our services in Post-Production service like VFX , Animation , Color Correction/Grading,DCP and ... .

Film Catalogue

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